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Anti-Hunting Attack on Field Trials Spreads Across the Country

March 04, 2019

Over the last two weeks NAGA has alerted gamebird businesses about a threat to Oregon producers and hunting preserves from two pieces of legislation. While things in Oregon are heading in the right direction, it has now become clear that this is part of a larger attack on field trials and contests that has spread...

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Update: Oregon Contest and Field Trial Ban Gets Hearing

February 23, 2019

Oregon Senate Bill 723 would make it illegal to host or participate in hunting contests, tournaments or derbies that have the objective of taking wildlife, which could include pen-raised gamebirds, for prizes or entertainment. This bill would ban any event where dogs are trained that awards a ribbon, ranking, medal or a trophy. While it appears the...

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Oregon Legislation Threatens Gamebird Farms, Hunting Preserves and Field Trials!

February 15, 2019

The North American Gamebird Association’s (NAGA) longtime partner the Sportsmen’s Alliance has alerted us to two bills introduced in Oregon that are critical threats to the gamebird industry. Below is information straight from their alert: House Bill 439 would prohibit the confining, restricting or exercising control over movements of gamebirds or game mammals for use...

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North American Gamebird Association

The Dirty Dozen

January 04, 2013

There are groups that undermine and manipulate systems across America to end hunting, trapping and fishing. These same “less-than-honest” groups also often then exploit wildlife and conservation issues in the name of raising dollars for their devious causes. Here are a dozen organizations that have taken efforts in the past year to prevent you from hunting or trapping:...

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