In the early 1900s, Mr. John Olin was chairman of the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Industry (SAAMI). While at the helm of many important committees he experienced growing problems with a rift between two key conservation groups: The Game Conservation Society (which began in 1911,) and The American Game Protection and Propagation Association. John appreciated the purpose of each and happily endorsed their programs.

In the late 1920s, The American Game Protection and Propagation Association became The American Game Association, which in turn became The American Wildlife Institute and then later the Wildlife Management Institute, as we know it today. The Game Conservation Society was incorporated into More Game Birds In America, which eventually became Ducks Unlimited. Another branch of the Society would become the current North American Gamebird Association in 1932.

In 1960, the name of the organization was changed to North American Game Breeders and Shooting Preserve Association to provide for more visibility to the hunting club industry, however, the name proved too cumbersome and was changed back to NAGA in 1980.

One can surmise that through all the divisions and name changes, the ancestry of the North American Gamebird Association shows it to be over one hundred years old. Thanks to all those early members and dedicated individuals who have kept the gamebird industry alive and well. We are sure that some of NAGA’s present members are generations of the same families who began this great industry.