NAGA Convention Update: The Experts are Coming!

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The NAGA Convention at the Holiday Inn Disney Springs on January 22-24, 2024, will showcase the expertise of key partners in the fight against avian influenza. Academic veterinary leaders have provided invaluable advice to gamebird businesses since the organization was created.

Our newest partner, Dr. Jaqueline Nolting is an assistant professor with The Ohio State University’s Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, where she serves in the Animal Influenza Ecology and Epidemiology Research Program. Dr Nolting is advising NAGA on matters related to bird depopulation.

This past year we’ve learned both hunting preserves and farms are impacted by avian influenza. Once infected, in order to resume business, gamebird farms and clubs must depopulate and dispose of their birds before disinfecting their premises. The quicker these things are accomplished, the quicker a farm or club can move on. That’s where Dr. Nolting comes in.

Jacqueline has applied for a federal grant to research the most effective means of depopulating farms and preserves where birds are kept largely outdoors. She will be sharing her perspective with attendees in Orlando.

The panel of experts doesn’t stop there. The University of Minnesota’s Dr. Carol Cardona and Professor Abby Schuft will be in Orlando to provide advice to NAGA members on beefing up their biosecurity protocols. Dr. Cardona spearheaded development of NAGA’s Secure Upland Gamebird Supply Plan, while Professor Schuft has written expensively on best practices for biosecurity.

“We’re very fortunate to have this kind of expertise,” said NAGA President Peg Ballou. “Attendees at the convention will have the chance to get answers to the tough questions and interact with these peer leaders in the veterinary world. It really is a can’t miss opportunity.”

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