NAGA News welcomes articles and photographs from its members, sponsors and conservation partners. We want to hear from you! We want stories and about your business, your farm, your family, new equipment and technology that you like, tips and tricks, how-to articles, history articles, challenges and obstacles, hunting stories, wildlife and habitat info, dog training and care, shooting articles, recipes, educational programs and your local events.

Those wishing to contribute are asked to contact NAGA Director of Communication, Britney Booth, in advance of the deadline so he can assign an article length and plan accordingly. Or, if you are not a writer, schedule an interview so we can assist you in writing your article or story.

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Formatting guidelines for articles:

  • Save your article in Microsoft Word
  • Indent the first line of paragraphs with one tab
  • No spaces between paragraphs
  • Times New Roman font preferred
  • The less formatting, the better


  • Digital format preferred: jpg, png or PDF.
  • Images should be clear and in focus
  • 600 dpi resolution

Upcoming submission deadlines:

  • Jan/ Feb: November 15
  • March/Apr issue: January 15
  • May/Jun: March 15
  • Jul/ Aug: May 15
  • Sep/ Oct: July 15
  • Nov/ Dec: September 15

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