Hospitality Software Company’s Investment in NAGA a Win for All Hunting Preserves

Romeo Bravo Software continues support of the gamebird industry....

In the 18 months since Romeo Bravo began to sponsor events held by the North American Gamebird Association, the growing hospitality software company has become increasingly visible to NAGA members. The company began by exhibiting at the 2022 NAGA Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the planning of a brand-new conference aimed at hunting preserves was openly discussed. A year later, the company became a sponsor of the NAGA Convention in New Orleans, where the success of the inaugural NAGA Hunting Club Conference in Ohio was touted as a new beginning for the industry.

Given their product offering aimed at hunting preserves, the new conference struck Romeo President Paul Robertson as an excellent opportunity for exposure for the new company. They dove into the deep end, becoming the first Platinum Sponsor of the 2nd Hunting Club Conference, held in Manhattan, Kansas. They also became an exhibitor at the event, followed up by sponsoring the Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida, and a Platinum Sponsor, yet again, for the upcoming 3rd Annual NAGA Hunting Club Conference to be held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, July 15-17, 2024.

While this financial investment is driven by their desire to increase market share in the hunting preserve industry, it has paid great dividends for all hunting preserves. The Hunting Club Conference was designed to be an affordable event enabling owners, managers and employees of hunting preserves to attend. The conference has avoided major destination cities to keep lodging costs modest. Romeo Bravo's generous sponsorship of the NAGA has helped keep conference costs very low, enabling the event to provide meals as part of the registration cost.

"NAGA's Immediate Past President Peg Ballou, who conceived of the annual event, envisioned keeping costs down so that hunting preserves could send several of their staff to attend the conference," noted current NAGA President Mike Martz, who owns Pennsylvania’s Martz’s Gap View Preserve. “Romeo Bravo’s generosity has made that idea a reality, and we’re very grateful.”

Robertson has also offered his long experience in the hospitality industry beyond the capabilities of their software. Hunting clubs have consistently asked for tips on better marketing strategies. On Tuesday of this year's Hunting Club Conference, Paul will share a marketing presentation titled “How All-Inclusive Lodges Tell Their Story and What Wingshooting Lodges Can Learn From It." He also serves on the conference planning committee and has marketed it to his network of lodges across the country.

“Romeo Bravo has given more than money,” said Hunting Club Conference Chairman Dan Barngrover, who owns Longtail Farms in Kansas. “They’ve helped make the event a success and offered their professional experience too. They’re a great partner to the gamebird industry.”

NAGA is the trade association for the gamebird industry, representing both hunting preserves and the farms that raise birds for them.