2nd NAGA Hunting Club Conference Attracts People from All Over the U.S. – Overflow Hotel Rooms Available!

Just a month before the conference opens in Manhattan, Kansas, and all benchmarks for an even more successful conference are being met and far exceeded!...

Registration numbers are already up 22%. Sponsorships are up 80%, while exhibitor numbers are up 300% compared to last year. And while all of these are great indicators of our success, the greatest sign of encouragement is the number of people coming and the number of states from which they are traveling. Last year’s inaugural event attracted attendees from 17 states, and with more than a month before the event, we’ve already received registrations from people from 22 states! And they hail from all corners of our great country.

From Connecticut, New York and New Jersey in the northeast to South Carolina in the southeast. From Alabama, Mississippi and Texas in the deep South to the mountain states of Colorado, Idaho and Montana. And, of course, our conference is anchored by a whole crowd of folks from the midwestern states from Pennsylvania, West-by-God Virginia and Ohio all the way through Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Wisconsin, South Dakota (and yes, even Michigan) and, our host state of Kansas! We’ve even got folks coming from as far away as California!

In fact, we’ve had so many people register for the conference that our room block at the Bluemont Hotel is now full (and the hotel itself is sold out). We’ve contracted with the Courtyard Manhattan Aggieville (across the street from the Bluemont) and now have additional rooms available for $109 per night, plus tax. No code is needed, but you must use this link to book your reservation before July 7.

It’s clear something great is building toward this conference in Kansas. Register today to make sure you don’t miss out!