NAGA Mission Statement:

The North American Gamebird Association’s mission is to protect, promote and sustain a positive environment in which gamebird producers and hunting preserve operators can grow their businesses through monitoring and influencing of legislation, informing and educating our members on current industry trends and issues and promoting and sustaining our hunting heritage through increased public awareness.

Examples of How We’ve Accomplished Our Mission:

  • Six times per year, NAGA publishes the NAGA News, which is the official trade magazine for hunting preserve operators and game bird producers.
  • NAGA published an economic impact report, Preserving Wildlife and Rural America, which illustrates that game bird production and preserve industries have a $5 billion impact in the U.S. economy. This report has been influential in educating decision makers and regulators.
  • The Gamebird Industry is now represented in the National Poultry Improvement Plan on decisions regarding disease testing or potential requirements in case of disease outbreaks or new regulations.
  • Airlines decision to refuse U.S. Postal chick shipments over-turned.
  • Reversed ruling which prohibited use of CRP acres by hunting preserves.
  • Headed off a Federal plan to require individual bird identification.
  • Successfully defended industry from Federal Regulations that sought to ban the release of mallard ducks.
  • Cooperating on “Minor Use Minor Species” (MUMS) Coalition, for drug approval for treating gamebirds.
  • Developing Strategic Plans for Environmental Management and protection from nuisance lawsuits.
  • Approved a study on coccidiosis in gamebirds by University of Georgia.

The Future of Gamebird Producers and Hunt Clubs Depends on You:

Gamebird production and hunting clubs are important industries in the United States. Founded on respect for the land and wise use of renewable natural resources, these industries provide an enormous economic and social benefit to all. Gamebird producers provide a wide range of species for hunting and release, striving to provide the best quality, certified healthy, strong fliers available.

Hunting businesses range from the smallest “do-it-yourself” operations to the grandest hunting and recreational facilities. Hunting resorts provide opportunities for all ages to savor bird hunting. There’s a hunting facility to satisfy every hunter’s desire and budget.

As important as the gamebird industry is, however, it faces challenges on many fronts: 

*The animal rights lobby
*Congress and the Federal Government
*A fickle and challenging media

*The threat of lawsuits
*Wildlife agencies
*Environmental challenges
*Agriculture departments

No preserve operator or gamebird producer can meet all these challenges alone. And our industry cannot survive fragmented. It takes a unified voice to handle the complex issues we face. The North American Gamebird Association was founded to be that voice, to provide expertise and apply sound strategies to the challenges facing our businesses.

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