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Brooks Chukars

I raise strong flying adult Chukar Partridge for hunting, dog training, trials and they are great to eat.

Thunder Country Outdoors

Thunder Country Outdoors is the exclusive breeder of the K-Thunder Pheasant in the world! We strive to make this the finest pheasant available anywhere. Thunder Country Outdoors is licensed to ship internationally. No matter where you are, you can experience the bird everyone is talking about. K-Thunder Pheasants are smaller, faster, have better color, and … Continued

Nightingale Pheasants

We are a growing, family run business in NorthEast Iowa. In season, our State Certified Hatchery produces RingNeck Pheasant Chicks, Melanistic Mutant Pheasant Chicks and Guinea Fowl. We raise four different breeds of African Guineas- Pearl, White, Royal Purple and Lavender. Our birds are available as chicks, started and mature. Delivery available.


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