Quail pox has been a continuing problem in Bobwhite quail production for many years, particularly in arid, wet environments. Quail pox is caused by a virus that is carried by mosquitoes. Often times, even with mosquito control methods, the virus and disease persists.  Quail pox can literally wipe out an entire flock.  A vaccine was once available which was effective in providing immunity.  However, the vaccine is no longer being produced.

The Southeastern Game Bird Breeders & Hunting Preserve Association (SEGB&HPA) has contacted a laboratory in Iowa that is already producing a pigeon pox vaccine; and the lab has an interest in developing a quail pox vaccine.

However, one of the criteria the lab needs to know is the number of doses of the vaccine that will be utilized by quail producers.  Thus, if you have interest in purchasing a quail pox vaccine, please fill out this survey form below as soon as possible and click send.

Information will be sent to Dr. Gary S. Davis, Executive Secretary of the SEGB&HPA. 

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