The North American Gamebird Association’s (NAGA) longtime partner the Sportsmen’s Alliance has alerted us to two bills introduced in Oregon that are critical threats to the gamebird industry. Below is information straight from their alert:

House Bill 439 would prohibit the confining, restricting or exercising control over movements of gamebirds or game mammals for use in or promotion of hunting. The bill would make it illegal for a person “to confine, or otherwise restrict or exercise control over the movement of, a gamebird or game mammal for the purpose of utilizing the gamebird or game mammal at a private hunting preserve or outdoor club or for other use in, or the promotion of hunting.” It would basically shut down gamebird hunting preserves and even gamebird producers. Gamebirds would also have to be allowed “to roam the preserve in a manner that allows the birds and mammals to carry out daily activities in a normal manner.” Basically, creating free-range pheasant preserves and producer farms. Violators would lose their preserve license.  

Oregon Senate Bill 723 would make it illegal to host or participate in hunting contests, tournaments or derbies that have the objective of taking wildlife for prizes or entertainment. While it appears the sponsor was after coyote killing contests, the language in this bill would also ban birddog field trials which would also greatly impact the gamebird industry. Violators could face up to 364 days in jail and a $6,250 fine.

NAGA has already swung into action, alerting members in Oregon, and coordinating with the Sportsmen’s Alliance. NAGA will provide updates on these two attacks on the gamebird business as the bills progress. 


Oregon Members – Contact your state senator and representative immediately and ask for NO Votes on HB 439 and SB 723. Let your legislators know that these bills will eliminate your small business and bankrupt many farms and hunt clubs like yours. You can use the Sportsmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Center to locate your state senator and state representative:

Hunting Preserves – Alert your customers and ask them to contact their legislators. Let them know these bills would eliminate hunting preserves. Make copies of this alert or pass it along to help them make their calls.  

Gamebird Producers Who Sell Into Oregon – Alert your gamebird buyers. Let them know these bills would eliminate the gamebird business. Make copies of this alert or pass it along to help them make their calls.