NSSF – The Firearm Industry Trade Association representing gun makers, ammunition manufacturers and retailers, has been a key partner to the gamebird industry for many years and a generous supporter of the North American Gamebird Association. As Title Sponsor for the Hunting Club Conference, they will again play an essential role that goes much further than their financial support.

Hunting club operators submitted topic ideas for the conference. Multiple people requested one subject, and that’s to gain a better understanding of how to make social media and digital marketing work for hunting preserves. Aside from the views and click-throughs we often discuss, what’s the potential for a return on investment of money and time resources? To answer that question, Justin Morrissey, Director of Social Media for the NSSF, will give attendees a crash course on the subject.

NSSF is a peer leader in the non-profit world utilizing social media, and Morrissey provides similar instruction to firearm retailers and other association members. The organization’s support goes beyond a simple speech, however. Morrissey will also have a booth space in the exhibitor area where he will be available to answer questions about attendees’ specific social media needs.

Morrissey will also speak to the group on another key topic: passing hunting and shooting sports to the next generation. The slide in hunting numbers has been well-documented for decades. But while hunting participation is declining, the number of people buying firearms is at an all-time high, which means the potential to show someone a fun day on the range or in the field is nearly always at our fingertips.

NSSF’s +ONE program promotes hunting and shooting mentorship, utilizing partner organizations and businesses to multiply its reach. Morrissey will present the +ONE program at the Hunting Club Conference, seeking participation from hunting preserves. The program is a win-win for attendees and NAGA. We have a ready-made program to expand and extend our customer base. At the same time, NAGA members will have a chance to lend a helping hand to a key partner.

“We’re thrilled to have the firearms industry as such an integral partner to our association,” said Mike Martz, the Hunting Club Conference Committee Chairman. “And we’re really appreciative they’re putting so much effort into providing value for those who make the trip to Kansas.”

Registration is now open for the Hunting Club Conference and can be found at northamericangamebird.com, along with the full agenda and lodging information.