One of the most intriguing presentations at the upcoming conference for gamebird hunting preserves will examine a problem that many hunting and shooting businesses have faced over the years. Titled “What to Do When the Neighbors Aren’t Friendly,” Grant Douglass of the Tressler Game Preserve will walk attendees through his successful experiences dealing with adversarial neighbors.

Harassment is nothing new in the gamebird hunting business. Too often, urban and suburban folks move out to the country only to discover that things like livestock farming and hunting/shooting businesses frequently occur there. Instead of accepting they’ve moved to the country, they’ll often seek to bring city laws and restrictions with them.

As people rapidly expand further into the country, conflicts like this become more frequent. You won’t want to miss this presentation, along with many others featured during the NAGA Hunting Club Conference, which will take place July 18-20, 2022, at Deer Creek State Park in Mt. Sterling, Ohio.

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