USDA APHIS has confirmed an outbreak of HPAI on a gamebird farm in York County in Eastern Nebraska. More information can be found on the USDA APHIS website.
NAGA continues to provide information to help members prepare for an outbreak. For example:
  • It’s essential to have an approved biosecurity plan to be eligible for indemnity.
  • Record keeping is crucial to assess the number of birds and their ages.
  • Gamebird farms should consult with their state veterinarians about a potential depopulation plan and with local county emergency officials about a potential disposal plan.
Having an idea about these items can save you precious time when it really matters.
More information can be found in the NAGA News Room archives. You can also review previously recorded episodes of Gamebird Spotlight, NAGA’s Livestream, on the NAGA YouTube channel. Several episodes have covered information on Avian Influenza strategies.
Abby Schuft with the University of Minnesota’s Extension Office has been invaluable to gamebird farms needing more information on preparedness. She’s volunteered to review and discuss biosecurity plans and depopulation/disposal procedures. Abby can be reached by email at