A crisis forces all involved to get educated quickly, and that’s exactly what has happened in 2022 as gamebird businesses learn how to overcome a positive outbreak of Avian Influenza and get themselves back in business as quickly as possible.
The NAGA Convention at the Astor Crowne Plaza in New Orleans from February 6-8 will devote an entire hour discussing firsthand experiences of those who were forced to completely depopulate, dispose, disinfect and move toward repopulation to resume activity.
“For years, we’ve spent countless hours on biosecurity to prevent outbreaks on our farms and hunting preserves,” explained NAGA President Peg Ballou. “Now NAGA members have had to learn just how all the jargon associated with a depopulation order actually translates into reality on the ground. It’s been an eye-opening experience for those impacted, and something all gamebird business owners need to get prepared for.”
This presentation is just one of the jam-packed agenda items featured at the convention.
Reserve your hotel room while the discounted rate is still available and get registered to join NAGA for critical information along with fun and friends.