NAGA’s Executive Director, Ladd Johnson, announces the addition of the Grand National Waterfowl Association (GNWA) as a “Conservation Partner”. The GNWA is a Maryland based waterfowl association founded in 1982.

The GNWA goals and objectives are to protect the waterfowl resource and provide scholarships to students entering the environmental sciences. It also represents the largest “free-flying Mallard duck release program” in the world.

Since 1982, over four million Mallard ducks have been privately released in Maryland. Participating farms now total over 150 with an employment of over 200 persons whose purpose is to manage the duck release operations.

The GNWA scholarship funds have provided over $ 200,000 to students. Mr. Richard Swann, President of GNWA said “We are proud to become a Conservation Partner with the NAGA who have helped us in our Mallard release program”.