Robert Sexton, Robert Sexton is one of the most seasoned non-profit consultants and issues management professionals in the country. Followed early training working for the Speaker of the Ohio Hose of Representatives and a key committee chairman, Rob joined the staff of the US Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) in 1995. Over the next eighteen years Rob rose through the ranks to Senior Vice President, coordinating the organization’s political work and forging partnerships for the organization along the way.

In 2005, Rob created and launched a USSA led campaign with the National Shooting Sorts Foundation and the National Wild Turkey Federation to eliminate barriers that prevent hunters from introducing new people into the outdoor sports. Entitled Families Afield, the program has been successful across the country, and continues to grow. To date 35 states have passed Family Afield style legislation that has put more than 1 million new hunters into the field. The economic impact of the program is more than $1 billion dollars per year!

In 2013, Rob helped launch a coalition of businesses and travel in tourism bureaus that promote the economic value of hunting across Pennsylvania. The coalition has grown to more than 140 members. Rob has also worked with state fish and wildlife agencies to assist their efforts to attract new customers.

For 25 years, Rob has specialized in creating and growing coalitions of organizations, businesses, philanthropists and government agencies to achieve remarkable results on behalf of their respective constituencies. He joined North American Gamebird Association in May 2014 to help grow the organization to meet the challenges of the gamebird industry.

He is a 1990 graduate of Ohio State University. Rob is married with four children. An avid hunter and angler. Rob enjoys fishing on Lake Eri, and Hunting turkeys, white tail deer, pheasant and doves.

Robert Sexton

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