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An Icon Has Passed

It’s with a heavy heart that I tell you Jim Zindl has passed away. Jim became a member of the North American Gamebird Association in 1962 and continued his membership until his passing. He served on the board of directors and was elected President of NAGA by his peers. It was always in Jim’s heart … Continued

Public Meeting On California Waste Water From Poultry Scheduled

A Central California Water Quality Control Board will be discussing new waste water requirements for poultry operations at its meetings on December 5th and 6th. Central California game bird farms are encouraged to attend this important meeting to hear how the new regulations will affect poultry farms. Meeting location and time information can be found here. You will also find … Continued

Avian Flu Scare Triggers Poultry Culling

Public health officials wearing white hazmat suits and masks dumped the chickens into green plastic bins at a wholesale poultry market in central Hong Kong. The bins were then pumped with carbon dioxide to kill the birds.

Minnesota Wild Bird Testing Yields Few A-I Answers

A year after deadly avian influenza hit Minnesota, testing of more than 6,000 wild birds has yielded little insight into the role, if any, that waterfowl and other species played in the outbreak.

As the state Department of Natural Resources plans to scale back testing efforts, state poultry growers urge continued vigilance, including testing different species of wild birds and using different methods, such as testing blood instead of droppings.

USDA Web Conference to discuss avian influenza with the North American Gamebird Association. June 17th, 2015 at 11:30 EST.

USDA has agreed and will conduct a web conference that will allow those in the gamebird business to hear a status update from the government, and then be free to ask questions in an environment that is only folks in the gamebird industry. This is a must attend for people who make their living hatching, raising, or selling gamebirds along with those who operate hunting preserves.

There will be 225 lines available for your members. Here is connecting information from USDA:

Insuring Poultry Flocks In Case Of Catastrophic Disease

Funding was included in the 2014 Farm Bill to determine the feasibility of insuring poultry producers for a catastrophic disease event. As you know, USDA has offered crop insurance for many years – but never for poultry. Part of the required research is gathering input from those that might be involved or interested. Watts and Associates (W&A) of Billings, Montana was hired to do this research. Meetings are scheduled in the following locations: Atlanta GA 1/26, St. Cloud MN 2/3, Modesto CA 2/10, Lancaster PA 2/12.

Update Your Company Information Today! The 2014 Directory to be Published Soon!

You have received your NAGA Member Mailing. Deadlines are fast approaching to cast your votes for the Board of Directors nominees, select your advertising levels for 2014 and to update your profile information prior to the 2014 Member Directory being published. Please take action now!