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A crisis forces all involved to get educated quickly, and that’s exactly what has happened in 2022 as gamebird businesses learn how to overcome a positive outbreak of Avian Influenza and get themselves back in business as quickly as possible. The NAGA Convention at the Astor Crowne Plaza in New Orleans from February 6-8 will … Continued

HPAI Found in Eastern Nebraska Gamebirds

USDA APHIS has confirmed an outbreak of HPAI on a gamebird farm in York County in Eastern Nebraska. More information can be found on the USDA APHIS website. NAGA continues to provide information to help members prepare for an outbreak. For example: It’s essential to have an approved biosecurity plan to be eligible for indemnity. Record … Continued

Avian Influenza is Still Alive in Wild Birds and Western U.S.

A Note From NAGA: It’s long been thought that avian influenza isn’t a concern during the summer when the temperatures are higher. We’re now learning that’s not always the case. NAGA has been encouraging hunting preserves and gamebird producers to be prepared, even during the summer months, by ensuring biosecurity plans are in place and, … Continued

Hunting Club Owners Gather in Ohio

Monday, July 18, 2022, hunting preserve operators from across the U.S. kicked off the first conference devoted entirely to the challenges faced in this thriving industry. NSSF – The Firearms Trade Association is the Platinum Sponsor of the event, which is underway at Deer Creek State Lodge in Central Ohio. The North American Gamebird Association … Continued

How to Save on Feed Costs Without Losing Quality

By Al Hollister, Ph.D. Usually, I would present this information in the “Nutrition Notes” section of the NAGA News, but the next edition is months away, and you can use this information well before then. Feed is one of the significant costs involved in raising gamebirds, and this year feed and other inputs have reached … Continued

Idaho’s Destination Flying B Ranch Sponsors Hunting Club Conference

Across our great country, hunting preserves come in all shapes and sizes – from the local driving distance clubs to the vacation/destination ranches. One of the country’s premier destination hunting preserves, Flying B Ranch, located in North Central Idaho, is a Diamond Sponsor of the first conference dedicated solely to hunting clubs. In addition, flying … Continued

Hunting Club Conference Sponsor Promotes Unity of Gamebird Industry

Peg and Sam Ballou of Elkhorn Lake Hunt Club and Elkhorn Farms Hatchery have been longtime supporters of the gamebird industry, giving their time and enthusiasm to the North American Gamebird Association. Both have served on the organization’s Board of Directors, with Sam serving as president in 2014-2015 and Peg became president in January of … Continued

Kalmbach Feeds Steps Up for Gamebird Hunting Preserves

Kalmbach Feeds, a longtime advertiser in NAGA News, is a Diamond Sponsor of the first Hunting Club Conference, which will be held July 18-20 in Mt. Sterling, Ohio, at Deer Creek Lodge. Kalmbach, the makers of Wild Flush Gamebird Feed, has been making feed products for gamebird businesses for more than 30 years. The 59-year-old, … Continued

Final Agenda Announced for Hunting Club Conference Sponsored by NSSF

NSSF—The Firearm Industry Trade Association is the Platinum sponsor of the first conference focusing exclusively on hunting preserves. The North American Gamebird Association (NAGA) has released the final agenda for the Hunting Club Conference, which will occur July 18-20 in Mt. Sterling, Ohio, at Deer Creek Lodge. The conference agenda includes a host of top … Continued