The North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) has released The State Of North America’s Birds 2016. The report assesses the conservation status of native bird species that occur in Canada, the continental United States and Mexico.

It was released by NABCI partners at the Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Canada, on behalf of all three countries, with a simultaneous event at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC, in partnership with International Migratory Bird Day.

NABCI was created by Canada, the United States and Mexico as a tri-national commitment to protect birds and their habitats.

“This report will allow us to base conservation actions on the best available science on the status of birds and their habitats in North America,” said Environment and Climate Change Canada Minister Catherine McKenna. “It is an unprecedented continental analysis, drawing on the efforts of tens of thousands of citizen-scientists from Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.”

The report shows that more than one-third of all North American bird species need urgent conservation action and calls for a renewed, continent-wide commitment to saving birds and their habitats.

A number of upland species concern, including several types of quail and grouse. Numerous waterfowl are also in jeopardy, although wetland conservation efforts have helped many of these species.

The report also urges continued conservation and the strengthening of regional partnerships between bird enthusiasts, landowners, conservation groups and other key players.

Thanks to their dedication to wise land stewardship and habitat creation, game bird producers and preserve operators benefit a wide variety of bird species.

To view the full report, CLICK HERE.